U-FOLD gathering forces to give Sweden's adolescents a new future


Tuesday, May 2, U-FOLD returns to the Uppsala University Main Auditorium with Grand Seminar 2023: Restart The Future. With this meeting, the forum initiates the next step in the ongoing process to create a positive environment for our nation's young ones - and the preliminary interest is ample.

Mathias Hallberg, Professor and Chair of U-FOLD
Mathias Hallberg, Professor and Chair of U-FOLD

U-FOLD - Uppsala University's forum for research on dependence and addiction - has, with a series of high-profile meetings highlighting organised crime, drugs and mental illness, been instrumental in uniting research, profession and policy makers regarding some of our society's most urgent challenges. Tuesday, May 2, the forum takes yet another step and invites to Grand Seminar 2023: Restart The Future in Uppsala University Main Auditorium.

“Our seminars are attracting more and more interest. When we announcing our previous seminar, all seats were booked within 24 hours, clearly ilustrating the importance of the issues we highlight. When we now put focus on our children's future, it is extremely important that we have the capacity to offer seats to everyone working with these issues,” states Mathias Hallberg, Professor at Uppsala University and Chair of U-FOLD.

At the upcoming seminar, U-FOLD will look beyond the dark headlines about violence and drugs, and present a selection of the numerous ongoing initiatives that provide our children better role models than criminals luring with status and fast money. On stage, Anna Nygren, teacher and student health expert at Ung Livsstil, Ian Sirelius, project manager for Gränslös football and Anna Sarkadi, Professor of Social Medicine at Uppsala University, will all give talks on their current work.

Fred Nyberg, senior advisor, U-FOLD
Fred Nyberg, senior advisor, U-FOLD

“This year's Grand Seminar offers a program that will generate great value for all participants. Of equal importance is the opportunity to knowledge exchange, new interprofessional networks and future collaboration, and it is therefore pleasing that so many organisations and geographical regions are represented among those already registered. There are still available seats in the auditorium and we hope that as many as possible take the opportunity to prioritise this very important meeting,” says Fred Nyberg, senior advisor in U-FOLD.

Among the speakers is also Abdullahi Cadaani, who arrived from Somalia to Sweden about 20 years ago without speaking a word of Swedish, and since January is chair of the Bollnäs municipal board with a vision to create a more equal, egalitarian and sustainable society. We’ll also meet Jale Poljarevius, Police chief of intelligence, who has repeatedly shown that society's fight against organised crime is anything but hopeless, as well as Hanna Ljungvall, who will talk about the psychological and psychosocial factors associated with the development of addiction.

“Twelve years after we inaugurated U-FOLD, our forum is continuously characterised by tremendous commitment. In particular, our seminars in the Uppsala University Main Auditorium are among the region's most important arenas in the fields of addiction. Here, just about everyone contributes with knowledge and inspiration, and our intention is that the May meeting will be the first step in a joint movement to give our children and adolescents the best possible future, says Mathias Hallberg.


  • Is Uppsala University's Forum for research on pharmaceutical and drug addiction.
  • Was inaugurated in Uppsala in 2011 as a regional gathering of forces against the challenges of addiction.
  • Gathers 20 regional organisations that work together for a better society.



Mathias Hallberg, chair, U-FOLD
Professor, Uppsala University
E-post  Mathias.Hallberg@farmbio.uu.se

Fred Nyberg, Senior advisor, U-FOLD
Senior Professor, Uppsala University
E-post  Fred.Nyberg@farmbio.uu.se

Text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt, Svenska Spel a o

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Last modified: 2022-11-08