Numerous new publications by SweDeliver's junior researchers


Throughout the winter, Vicky Barmpatsalou, Agnes Rodler, Staffan Berg and numerous other junior researchers at SweDeliver are publishing results that add valuable knowledge to the fields of drug delivery.

Vicky Barmpatsalou, Agnes Rodler and Staffan Berg, SweDeliver
Vicky Barmpatsalou, Agnes Rodler and Staffan Berg, SweDeliver

In the article Development and validation of a porcine artificial colonic mucus model reflecting the properties of native colonic mucus in pigs, Vicky Barmpatsalou, PhD Student in SweDeliver's Work Package Oral Drug Delivery, introduces an in vitro porcine artificial colonic mucus model based on the characterization of native colonic mucus.

Vicky B research

The result is a cost-efficient screening tool easily incorporated into the early stages of drug development and it contributes to the implementation of the 3Rs in the drug development process. The article, co-authored by SweDeliver postdoc Agnes Rodler, is published in the European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vol. 181, February 2023.

Staffan Berg, who recently defended his thesis Oral delivery of macromolecules formulated with permeation enhancers, has published the article Evaluation in pig of an intestinal administration device for oral peptide delivery in Journal of Controlled Release, volume 353, January 2023.

In this study, Staffan Berg evaluates an Intestinal Administration Device (IAD) designed to reduce the luminal dilution of drug and permeation enhancer, and to minimize movement of the dosage form in the intestinal lumen.

The article Considerations in the developability of peptides for oral administration when formulated together with transient permeation enhancers, also signed Staffan Berg, reviews many of the properties of a peptide that need to be considered prior to development as an oral dosage form when co-formulated with a permeation enhancer to improve oral bioavailability, including the importance and implications of peptide half-life on variability in pharmacokinetic profiles. Clinical considerations in terms of food and drug-drug interactions are also discussed.

The article, which is published in the Journal of Pharmaceutics, also gives a brief overview how permeation enhancers overcome barriers that limit oral absorption of peptides and thereby improve their oral bioavailability, albeit bioavailabilities are still low single digit and variability is high.



Christel Bergström, Professor
Department of Pharmacy, Uppsala University

text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt, SweDeliver

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