Chief Pharmacist Niklas Hedberg next guest in Profiler i branschen


Thursday 16 March, Alumni Association Farmis invites you to the inspirational series Profiler i branschen (Industry profiles). The first guest of 2023 is Niklas Hedberg, Chief pharmacist at the Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency (TLV) and Chair of EUnetHTA. Welcome to Pharmen and online via Zoom.

Niklas Hedberg, Chief Pharmacist

Inspiration series Profiler i branschen is back and starting off 2023 by welcoming this year's first guest: Niklas Hedberg, alumnus, Chief Pharmacist at TLV and Chair of EUnetHTA – the network aiming to create an efficient and sustainable structure for Health Technology Assessment across Europe.

Niklas Hedberg obtained his pharmacy degree at Uppsala University's Faculty of Pharmacy. In 2001, he was recruited to the Swedish National Insurance Agency and the following year joined the Medical Benefits Board, which in 2008 became the Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency. In 2009, Niklas was promoted to Head of the Department of New Medicines and in 2014 to Chief Pharmacist with a focus on international collaborations

Profiler i branschen offer meetings with exciting people in the field of pharmacy who provide inspiration and show the many possibilities a pharmaceutical education can offer. The series is aimed at alumni, pharmacy students and everyone with an interest in the world of pharmaceuticals.



Elin Svedin, chair
Alumni Association Farmis

text: Magnus Alsne, photo: TLV

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Last modified: 2024-04-04