SweDeliver receives top marks in new evaluation


SweDeliver fulfills the high expectations and is well equipped to reach its goals, states the Competence Center's Scientific Advisory Board in a new evaluation of the ongoing collaboration between Uppsala University and 16 pharmaceutical companies.

"World class infrastructure, high level research, excellent leadership and a network of highly motivated industrial partners". SweDeliver's Scientific Advisory Board has presented its evaluation of the National Competence Center's first two years of operation, and the verdict can be summarized as strongly positive with potential for continued development.

“Our Scientific Council states in its report that Sweliver's scientific program continues to deliver research at a very high international level, as well as that we have paved a clear career path for our junior researchers from academia into the pharmaceutical industry. They also conclude that SweDeliver fulfills Vinnova's high expectations regarding research and development, highlighting our position on IVA's 100 list, which every year recognizes projects with great potential for business and societal benefit,” says Christel Bergström, Center Director and Professor of Molecular Pharmaceutics.

Vicky Barmpatsalou researching oral drug delivery
Vicky Barmpatsalou researching oral drug delivery

In its evaluation of the individual work packages, the Board especially highlights the research with a focus on oral drug delivery, identifying "a well-balanced approach uniting four highly reputed researchers, whose world-leading work has great international impact". The work packages with a focus on parenteral and pulmonary drug delivery also receive high marks, and the fact that these two research areas relatively fast have established strongholds at Uppsala University, gives reason for high expectations for SweDeliver's coming years.

“The council also emphasizes our close interactions with other consortia and networks, among them NordicPOP, the EU collaboration COLOTAN and the Uppsala Antibiotic Center, which broadens our access to equipment and expertise. They also point out the great value in Janssen Pharmaceutica, one of the world's leading research-based pharmaceutical companies with headquarters in Belgium, joining the SweDeliver partnership, a collaboration that is likely to have significance for Sweden's position in the world of Life Science,” says Christel Bergström.

SweDeliver's Scientific Advisory Board also notes that SweDeliver has fully took on board the recommendations made by the council in 2020. Future recommendations include continued efforts to recruit new PIs and companies. Overall, SweDeliver is declared to be well equipped to achieve the key performance indicators set in the initial application to Vinnova.


  • SweDeliver is a world leading research and competence center in Drug Delivery.
  • SweDeliver is based on interdisciplinary collaboration between academia and 16 industry partners.
  • With financial support from Vinnova, the Uppsala University’s Faculty of Pharmacy forms SweDeliver's academic hub.



Christel Bergström, Professor
SweDeliver, Uppsala University

text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt a. o.

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Last modified: 2024-04-04