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For six years, the Per Manell Award has provided the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy the opportunity to become acquainted with the European pharmaceutical industry. Now you have the opportunity to contribute to a fund for the survival of the award. Everyone, including companies and organisations, is welcome to donate and no sum is too small.

Per Manell at the Medical officer of health Per Manell's prize ceremony
Per Manell (1948-2022) at the Per Manell Award ceremony

In 2017, the Per Manell Award was established in order to acknowledge the best presentation of a master thesis at the Faculty of Pharmacy. The winner receives expenditures to do a study trip, which so far has provided students at the Faculty of Pharmacy the opportunity to visit, among others, EFPIA in Brussels and the WHO in Geneva.

“The award was paid for personally and generously by Per Manell, one of the Faculty of Pharmacy's most highly profiled alumni with a great and sincere commitment to our educations and students. When Per passed away in March, the pharmaceutical sector lost a significant innovator, and Uppsala University will remember a fantastic driving spirit and much appreciated guest at the award ceremonies,” says Anja Sandström, Deputy Dean at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Mathias Hallberg och Anja Sandström
Mathias Hallberg and Anja Sandström

Per Manell's award today plays an important role in giving Uppsala's students of pharmacy an opportunity to broaden their perspectives and become acquainted with the pharmaceutical industry on a European level. In order for the prize to survive, a fundraiser has been initiated to which everyone - individuals, companies and organisations - are welcome to contribute. The goal is to raise SEK 300,000, and the initiative got off to a flying start when Martin Belin, Kristofer Klerfalk, Joakim Soderberg and Linn Mandahl jointly donated SEK 133,000.

“We at the Faculty of Pharmacy really appreciate this amazing initiative regarding an award that engages so many, with alumni and teachers working side by side with the shared goal to highlight our students' presentations. That the award now seems to live on in the spirit of Per Manell - and in a way that reminds us of Per's well known generosity - is truly fantastic and also contributes to continued strong ties between the faculty and our alumni,” states Mathias Hallberg, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy .


  • You are welcome to donate your contribution via the Pharmaceutical Student Union:
  • Swish: 123 526 9428
  • Bank: 6513 – 892 847 131

PER MANELL (1948-2022)

Per Manell enrolled at Uppsala University in the 1960s when he began his studies as a pharmacist. After graduating, Per continued his career at the Faculty of Pharmacy as a teacher in social pharmacy before being recruited to the National Board of Health and Welfare's pharmaceutical department, where he was eventually appointed Medical officer of health. During his long and successful career, Per Manell made many essential pioneering efforts to implement IT in the field of pharmacy, achievements for which he received, among other things, the Pharmacist of the Year award in 1985 and the Rune Lönngren Prize in 2008.


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text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Faculty of Pharmacy, Mikael Wallerstedt, CoCreation Health

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