The Faculty of Pharmacy strengthens its Programme organisation


Just a minute… Anja Sandström, Deputy Dean for first and second cycle education, who has a central role in the Faculty of Pharmacy's ongoing strengthening of its organisation working with the Master and Bachelor of Science Programmes in Pharmacy.

Anja Sandström, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy
Anja Sandström, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy

What are the most important changes regarding the faculty's Programmes?

“At the start of the autumn term 2022, we will launch two new Program Committees that will work with a focus on our Master and Bachelor of Science Programmes, respectively. Each committee will be chaired by a program manager that, together with a coordinator and a team of ten members, will handle, among other things, follow-up work, plans and task preparation.”

What added value do you expect the committees to generate?

“That we are now engaging more people in the work with our programmes, who will work more program-focused will bring many positive effects. For example, we hope that we, by gathering representatives of teaching staff, study guidance, course administration and students, will enable increased collaboration and a better overview of our programmes, thus, strengthening our abilities to develop and ensure the quality of our educations.”

Why this initiative at this specific time?

“The new structure corresponds directly to an urgent need, since our faculty in the last decade has expanded its educational activities with several new programmes and courses. We have also undergone a revision of our Master and Bachelor of Science Programmes in Pharmacy, which has contributed to a significant increase in issues of different natures. By introducing Program Committees, we will ensure that operations stay close to the programmes and enable a more strategic and forward-oriented work within GRUFF (Undergraduate and Master’s Education Committee).”

Who will chair the new Program Committees?

“In the Master of Science Programme, Jörgen Bengtsson will be new chair and Lisa Carreras Fredriksson coordinator. Jörgen is currently Program coordinator and Lisa is involved in PUFF (Professional development and skills training at the Faculty of Pharmacy). In the Bachelor of Science Programme, Fredrik Jernerén will become chair and Emma Lundkvist retains her title as coordinator. With these four, I am convinced that we will succeed in combining both the experience and the commitment needed to establish the committees within our operations.”

Do you plan to appoint committees for other educations?

“At present, we are focused on providing our first two committees the resources they need for a great start. If these pilot activities turn out as well as we hope, it is entirely conceivable that we, in the long term, will expand the activities to include our Faculty’s Second cycle programmes.”



Anja Sandström
Deputy Dean for first and second cycle education, 018-471 5026

text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

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Last modified: 2024-04-04