FDR invites all doctoral students to PhD Day 29 April 2022


FDR welcomes all doctoral students to the PhD Day 29 April 2022 with focus on: Project Management, Planning and Prioritisation, and Stress Management – one of several activities that await in the spring before a new board takes over, writes Rosita Kneiszl Pettersson, chair of FDR.

The Pharmaceutical Doctoral Council Board, 2021/22
The Pharmaceutical Doctoral Student Council Board, 2021/22

During this term of office – autumn 2021/spring 2022 – we in the Pharmaceutical Doctoral Student Council Board (FDR) have continued our work to engage and involve the faculty's PhD students in matters concerning our work and study situation. We continue to focus on increasing the communication between the positions that PhD student representatives hold in order to effectively bring forward the views of all PhD students.

However, this requires that all PhD students holding positions attend and represent us PhD students at meetings, and if it is not possible, that you leave messages and read the meeting minutes. We at FDR consider this to be of utmost importance for the collaboration and communication to flow in an optimal way.

The FDR board is very pleased that the number of participants at the monthly faculty meetings have doubled during this term of office. Only if as many PhD students as possible are present to express their opinions and participate in discussions, can we, the board, present a representative picture of our views. As chair, I am incredibly happy about the great cooperation and genuine commitment that exists between us PhD students.

In the autumn of 2021, FDR organised a social event for all PhD students at our faculty. A welcome drink and a three-course meal were offered, as well as activities such as music quizzes and pumpkin competitions. It was a successful event with just over 30 of the faculty's approximately 140 PhD students mingling.

Rosita Kneiszl Pettersson, Chair, FDR
Rosita Kneiszl Pettersson, Chair, FDR

In January, the Medical Doctoral Student Council (MDR) invited all PhD students from our faculty to participate in a social event in the form of a digital quiz. I, as chair of FDR, have also, together with the vice chair of MDR, presented our respective PhD student council at the combined introductory course given to PhD students in the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy. We will do this again 7 April to spread information about, and make the PhD student councils visible.

Since December, the entire board has worked effectively to prepare the annual PhD Day, which is organised by FDR and made possible by the Research Training Committee (KUF). All PhD students in the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy are welcome to participate. This year's focus is “Project Management, Planning and Prioritization, and Stress Management”, a theme based on the questionnaire that was sent out to all the faculty's PhD students around the turn of the year.

This year's PhD Day will take place Friday 29 April at the Pharmaceutical Student Union building "Farmis", which is located in Uppsala Science Park. We look very much forward to listening to the invited speakers: In Project Management; Johan Hansson at Institutet för Personal- och Företagsutveckling (“Institute for Personnel and Business Development”, IPF). In Planning and Prioritization, we present special guest Åsa Burman from the company Finish on time. Åsa is the author of the book Bli klar i tid – och må bra på vägen, aimed at PhD students, but also recommended for supervisors and other interested parties. In Stress Management, we welcome Marike Boger, psychologist at the Previa occupational health company. Professor and Dean Mathias Hallberg will introduce the day, and Professor Anders Backlund, KUF, will talk about the individual study plan and guidelines. Invitations and link for registration was sent via email 25 March and remains open until 19 April.

At the last faculty meeting a new board was elected. The nomination committee has done a fantastic job of filling almost all positions, and the current board and PhD student representatives can hand over the work to the new representatives whose term of office starts on 1 July and extends over one year.

We are currently looking forward to the upcoming PhD Day 29 April, as well as this semester's two remaining faculty meetings, 6 May and 2 June. We also continue to work on our Instagram account dr.Farmis and LinkedIn page (search on FDR) where you can follow our updates. On the Instagram account, PhD students are invited to share their working day! (Psst… Contact FDR's secretary Frida Bällgren if you want to get involved and show your project and working day.

Rosita Kneiszl Pettersson
Pharmaceutical Doctoral Student Council Board

Facts: Pharmaceutical Student Council

  • Represents the PhD students at the Faculty of Pharmacy in various committees and boards.
  • Ensures that all PhD students can complete their studies in a good working environment and under good employment conditions.
  • Handles issues concerning research and postgraduate education and works for a secure education from admission to dissertation.
  • Arranges regular meetings and career and social events.
  • Conducts close collaboration with the Uppsala University Doctoral Board and the Doctoral Council of Faculty of Medicine

FDR Board 21/22

  • Rosita Kneiszl Pettersson, Department of Pharmacy, Chair
  • Fanny Lundmark, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Vice Chair
  • Esther Olaniran, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Treasurer
  • Frida Bällgren, Department of Pharmacy, Secretary
  • Erik Bivehed, Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, member
  • Matthew Rosenberg, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, member

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