Three new Associate Professors at the Faculty of Pharmacy


Mikael Engskog and Lindon Moodie, the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, and Madlen Hubert, the Department of Pharmacy, have been promoted to Associate Professors at Uppsala University. The Faculty of Pharmacy congratulates all three to their much deserved appointments!

New Associate Professors Mikael Engskog, Madlen Hubert and Lindon Moodie
New Associate Professors Mikael Engskog, Madlen Hubert and Lindon Moodie

Mikael Engskog conducts research in Analytical Pharmaceutical Chemistry with a focus on Metabolomics, the simultaneous analysis of all small molecular molecules, metabolites, in a defined biological system. Global, or untargeted, metabolomics is hypothesis generating, i.e. studies are aimed at arriving at new theories that can help develop diagnostics, prognostics and mechanistics. The hypotheses are then verified through targeted metabolomics studies employing bioanalytical methods. In collaborations with other groups, Mikael Engskog also seeks to contribute to improving mechanistic understanding, prognosis and diagnostics for various forms of cancers.

Madlen Hubert conducts research with focus on lipid-based nanoparticles for oral delivery of challenging biopharmaceuticals. Madlen is particularly interested in studying the interactions of nanoparticles with membranes using a combination of cell-based assays, biophysical approaches as well as advanced microscopy techniques.

Lindon Moodie conducts research in Chemical Biology, a discipline in which synthetic organic chemistry allows us to access a range of tools for exploring research questions within a biological framework. In particular, we are interested in synthesising and evaluating small molecule probes to investigate their biological targets in both humans and bacteria. Ultimately, we aim to develop novel, selective antibiotics that will allow us to eradicate pathogenic bacteria whilst minimising collateral damage against our commensal microbes.


Mikael EngskogMikael Engskog, Associate Professor
The Department of Medicinal Chemistry

Madlen HubertMadlen Hubert, Associate Professor
Department of Pharmacy

Lindon MoodieLindon Moodie, Associate Professor
Department of Medicinal Chemistry

Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt, private

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Last modified: 2024-04-04