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Can’t get no (lab) Satisfaction? Join Sweden’s only Faculty of Pharmacy in our mission to create the world’s most excellent Spotify playlists. New groovy themes every month. Grab a coffee 'n' Let’s Boogie.

Now playing A Traditional BMC Christmas

Playing November 2021  Sweet Ole Stuff

Playing October 2021 • Sounds Of Ompa-Ompa

Playing September 2021 • Sounds Of Sweden

Playing Juni 2021 • Sounds Of Summer

Playing May 2021  Songs Of Spring

Playing April 2021  Happy Happy Joy Joy

Playing March 2021  “Simply the Best”

Playing February 2021 • “Hidden Pleasures”

Playing December 2020 • “The Sound of the Season”

Playing November 2020 • “The Sound of Science”

Last modified: 2022-10-20