Medicinal chemistry (7.5 cr)

Without medicinal chemistry, no new medicines. At Uppsala University, some of the world's foremost researchers and teachers work to take the field forward. In this course, you start out at the molecular core of pharmacy and learn about the first decisive steps towards the drugs of the future.

Medicinal chemistry (7.5 credits)

If you have ever googled Medicinal chemistry, you already know the scientific basics: You know that this is an interdisciplinary field where the first, important steps are taken along the road to every future drug. You also know that the academic center of medicinal chemistry is located at Uppsala University's Faculty of Pharmacy. Here, many leading researchers collaborate to develop promising molecules and calculate how they are likely to act in the human body.

At our course Medicinal Chemistry, you approach pharmacy at its smallest components. You learn about the characteristics of the active substances, the processes as they enter the body and interactions with their designated targets. We also focus on the information we can derive from a drug's structure and generic and structural names. You also plan a basic synthesis of drug molecules, an always appreciated opportunity to put the skills from our course in organic synthesis into practice.

Welcome to a course where you explore how drugs work on a molecular level, learn computer-aided drug design and gain knowledge that is in demand in both academia and industry.

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Bobo Skillinghaug, kursansvarigBobo Skillinghaug, Course leader
Faculty of Pharmacy

Last modified: 2023-09-21