“Should be given to all pharmacy students” • The participants' opinions

With the course Clinical Trial Methodology, Uppsala University wants to open the door to a career in clinical trials for future and professional pharmacists. In the spring semester of 2021, we asked our participants to formulate their thoughts on the course. Here we present some of their answers.

"This course was very rewarding, providing both insights into the profession, lots of knowledge and an overview that inspires" praises a student. These are words that warm our spirit and well sum up the participants' experience. On a 6-grade scale, the course as a whole receives an average grade of 4.8. It is a result that makes us proud, especially after another semester where every step must be performed online.

"I really liked all the workshops, especially the interview with a clinical research director that helped us understand how clinical trials work in real life," states one of our students. The connection to the profession is central throughout the entire course, and we work closely with both companies and authorities in order to present the latest knowledge in both research and profession.

"I appreciated the great support and the genuine commitment of all supervisors. Thank you all" writes one participant. We can confirm that the experience is mutual. One of our many returning guest lecturers from the industry enthusiastically describes "very rewarding interactions, discussions and follow-up contacts".

The positive reviews continue: "Everything in this course was very valuable" writes one student. "Well organised" and "very interesting" write two more. And what about "Should be given to all pharmacy students". Well, who knows?

What can be improved? The participants' suggestions and wishes primarily concern the digital aspect. "Zoom is impractical," says one student. A loose microphone caused problems and lack of time during a lecture. "Give the course on campus" sums up a participant. And right now we are preparing a partial return to BMC. With us, we bring the best of our new digital experiences. Welcome with your application!


  • The course is given 16–23 March 2023
  • Language: Swedish, if needed in English.




anne-britt.stigsdotterAnne-Britt Stigsdotter, course administrator
Department of pharmacy

Text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt, Matton, private

Last modified: 2023-01-20