"This course definitely opens new doors to professional life"

Just a minute ... Kristin Augustsson, pharmacy student at Uppsala University, that after participating in the course Clinical Trial Methodology is currently doing her degree project in pharmacometry with elements of clinical trials.

Kristin Augustsson, pharmacy student
Kristin Augustsson, pharmacy student

What makes clinical trial methodology so interesting?
“Before I started the course, I did not even know that pharmacists can work with clinical trials. As soon as the five weeks were over, I immediately wanted to try explore the field further, and both the course layout and content provided exactly the basic knowledge I needed to take the next step.”

What's your next step?

“Pharmacometry was a completely new subject for me that I really want to explore further. Here, computers and models are used to streamline clinical trials. By calculating the need for doses, participants and samples, you can save time, resources and researchers. Right now I am completing my degree project in pharmacometry, which provides skills that I hope can benefit from in my future professional life.”

What did you appreciate most about the course?

“It provides an incredibly good and broad overview, as well as a clear and inspiring insight into the profession. Several of our lecturers work at contract research companies and they are really committed. We also had personal meetings with them and got our questions answered with up-to-date knowledge directly from the profession.”

Who do you think should apply for this course?

“Everyone who studies the Master of Science Programme in pharmacy! It definitely opens new doors to professional life, while giving you the opportunity to make contacts outside the academy. Several of those I read the course with are also talking about moving on in the area, probably none of us knew we were as interested as we turned out to be.”


  • The course is given 16–23 March 2023
  • Language: Swedish, if needed in English.



​Text: Magnus Alsne, photo: privat

Last modified: 2023-01-20