Current ENABLE-2 projects

ENABLE-2 is currently supporting four promising projects in the pursuit of new antibiotics: One each from biotech companies QureTech Bio AB and Thioredoxin Systems AB and two projects from Uppsala University.

ENABLE-2 projekt


A new class of antibacterial compounds against gram-positive bacteria & a well-developed chemistry platform to improve these new compounds
Resident at  QureTech Bio AB, Umeå

​Fredrik Almqvist, Research DirectorFredrik Almqvist, Research Director
QureTech Bio AB

Helen Fält, CEOHelén Fält, CEO
QureTech Bio AB


A novel chemical class with promising properties for continued development
Resident at  Preparative Medicinal ChemistryDep of Medicinal Chemistry, Uppsala University

Luke Odell, Associate ProfessorLuke Odell, Professor
Uppsala University


A novel target with no preexisting resistance and a new compound class showing very good efficacy in animal models
Resident at  Drug Design and DiscoveryDep of Medicinal Chemistry & Dep of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology, Uppsala University

Diarmaid Hughes, ProfessorDiarmaid Hughes, Professor
Uppsala University

Anders KarlenAnders Karlén, Professor
Uppsala University


A novel class of antibiotic active against multidrug-resistant gram-positive as well as gram-negative bacteria
Resident at  Thioredoxin Systems AB, Solna

Elias ArnérElias Arnér, MD PhD, Board Member, Scientific Advisor
Thioredoxin Systems AB
+46 70 556 96 94,

Mohamad TakwaMohamad Takwa, PhD, Board Member, CEO
Thioredoxin Systems AB
+46 72-322 22 21,

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Susanna Thörnqvist, Project Coordinator
Uppsala University

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