ENABLE‐2 Drug Development Platform

The ENABLE‐2 Drug Development Platform brings together a team of experienced scientists with the expertise needed to progress the programs.

ENABLE-2 platform

Uppsala University (SE)

Responsibilities  Overall management of ENABLE-2, medicinal chemistry, molecular modelling, microbiology.

Learn more  Uppsala University's Department of Medicinal Chemistry and the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology (IMBIM) are hubs for numerous antibiotic related research consortia. The Department of Medicinal Chemistry has previously coordinated the IMI project ENABLE, and is today coordinating the IMI-2 project COMBINE. Both departments are active partners in the Uppsala Antibiotic Center and COMBINE.

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SciLifeLab (SE)

Responsibilities  Compound logistics, in vitro ADME profiling, in vitro cytotoxicity and project scouting. Flexible access to bioanalysis, PKPD/PBPK modelling, biophysical assays, biochemical assays and protein production.

Learn more  SciLifeLab is a Swedish national resource of unique technologies and expertise available to life scientists, closely intertwined with our community of researchers in areas such as biomedicine, ecology and evolution. SciLifeLab bring scientists together across traditional boundaries and foster collaborations with industry, health care, public research organizations and international partners. The SciLifeLab Drug Discovery and Development platform (DDD) is a national infrastructure integrated within SciLifeLab with a special governmental mission to support academic drug discovery and make frontline drug discovery technologies accessible.

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Research Institutes of Sweden, RISE (SE)

Responsibilities  Pharmaceutical development, CMC, Formulation, in silico predictions, Bioanalysis, Safety.

Learn more  Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) is Sweden’s research institute and innovation partner. Through international collaboration with industry, academia and the public sector, RISE ensure business competitiveness and contribute to a sustainable society.

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Statens Serum Institut (DK)

Responsibilities  in vivo PK studies, in vivo efficacy studies

Learn more  Statens Serum Institut (SSI) is under the auspices of the Danish Ministry of Health. The main duty of SSI is to ensure preparedness against infectious diseases and biological threats as well as control of congenital disorders.

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Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (LV)

Responsibilities  Medicinal chemistry

Learn more  Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (LIOS) is a state research institute specializing in organic chemistry, pharmaceutical research, molecular biology, and bioorganic chemistry. LIOS is the leading drug discovery and development centre in the Baltics with more than 60 years of experience in drug design and technology development.

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Marie Olliver, PhD, Alliance Manager
Uppsala University

Last modified: 2023-02-16