ENABLE-2 Expression of Interest (EoI) template

A second call is now open between December 20, 2022 and January 8, 2023. This call is open to Swedish academics and SMEs and to publicly funded universities in Europe.

ENABLE-2 is supporting the development of direct acting antibacterial compounds for systemic use (potentiator molecules are also in scope, e.g. β-lactamase inhibitors).

ENABLE-2 Expression of Interest

Please include and respond to all questions below on a maximum of 3 pages. Where data is not available, please indicate whether the work has not yet been undertaken, or if the program have not yet been able to generate such data. Please include non-confidential data only.

Return your completed EoI to opencall.enable2@ilk.uu.se. For questions regarding the completion of your EoI please use the same email address.


Question 1: Name and address of legal entity, plus full contact details of primary person submitting this EoI.

Question 2. Confirmation that the applicant has direct ownership or permission to develop the program.

Question 3. Short history of the program.

Question 4: MIC vs one or more ENABLE-2 key pathogens (E. coli, K. pneumoniae, P.aeruginosa, A. baumannii, S. aureus, E. faecium). MIC values on wild type bacteria of ≤16 μg/ml is threshold for hit entry (indicate method used to measure MIC).

Question 5: Frequency of resistance. Provide any data on frequency of resistance if available.

Question 6: Data to support specific mode of action (not detergent-like activity). Provide cytotox data if available.

Question 7: Indicate novelty of structure and if SAR is established. Provide only non-confidential information

Question 8: Number of steps in synthesis pathway and information on availability of compound.

Question 9: Physchem parameters: Include any data on physchem parameters e.g. mw, logP and solubility (if available).

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Anders Karlén, Coordinator, Professor
Uppsala University (SE)
anders.karlen@ilk.uu.se, +46 (0)70-167 9177

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