ENABLE-2 Expression of Interest (EoI) template

ENABLE-2 is supporting the development of direct acting antibacterial compounds for systemic use. Potentiator molecules may also be in scope, e.g. β-lactamase inhibitors. Anti-virulence and anti-biofilm compounds are not in scope.

ENABLE-2 Expression of Interest

Applicants must enter a response to each question below (maximum 3 pages). Where data is not available, state whether the work has not yet been undertaken. Please include non-confidential data only.

The completed EoI should be returned to opencall.enable2@ilk.uu.se and if you have any questions regarding the completion of the EoI you can use the same email address.


Question 1: Name and address of legal entity.
Full contact details of primary person submitting this EoI.
If your legal entity is a university or research institute, is it publicly funded?

Question 2a: Confirmation that the applicant has direct ownership or permission to develop the programme.

Question 2b: Have similar compounds previously been under development? Are there existing publications and/or patents on these compounds or similar compounds? Please describe how this affects your project.

Question 3: Short history of the programme (max 200 words).

Question 4: MIC vs one or more ENABLE-2 key pathogens (E. coli, K. pneumoniae, P. aeruginosa, A. baumannii, S. aureus, E. faecium). MIC ≤16 μg/ml on wild-type bacteria is threshold for hit entry (indicate method used to measure MIC).

Question 5: Frequency of resistance.

Question 6: Data to support specific mode of action (not detergent-like activity).

Question 7: Cytotox data.

Question 8: Indicate novelty of structure and if SAR is established.

Question 9: Synthetic feasibility. Number of steps in synthesis pathway.

Question 10: Availability of compound for immediate evaluation.

Question 11: Physchem parameters: mw, logP and solubility etc.

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Anders Karlén, Coordinator, Professor
Uppsala University (SE)
anders.karlen@ilk.uu.se, +46 (0)70-167 9177

Last modified: 2023-10-11