After you submit your EoI to ENABLE-2

All EoI’s will be sent to two independent external evaluators with expertise in antibacterial drug discovery and development.

After you submit you EoI to ENABLE-2

  • Programmes that are deemed to be out of scope (i.e. not direct acting, no potential for systemic activity, not targeting the key pathogens) will be rejected.


  • The programme owner will have a conference call or webinar with key people from the management team, to discuss details of their programme (based on feedback from the external evaluators) and to introduce the ENABLE-2 project and resources in more detail.
  • The programme owner will be informed about the Project Agreement that ENABLE-2 has with all partners, allowing the potential partner to understand the full legal basis for joining the ENABLE-2 platform.

Preparing for evaluation by the Portfolio Management Committee (PMC)

  • PMC is the independent committee of experts that reviews all programmes for entry to ENABLE-2.  

  • The PMC meets every four months and evaluates all new applications at the EoI stage as well as reviewing all ongoing programmes in ENABLE-2. 
  • All accepted programmes will be reviewed at each PMC meeting where decisions of continuation or termination of support will be made.
  • The programme owner will at these meetings, via a video call, present a detailed overview of their respective programme, including a slide set of data which the PMC have received one week previously. This slide set will follow a data template provided by ENABLE-2.

Follow up after evaluation by PMC

  • All programmes evaluated by the PMC will be given scientific feedback.

Follow up after acceptance into ENABLE-2

  • A programme accepted by the PMC will work closely with the ENABLE-2 management team to draw up a detailed description of work (DoW), defining activities, goals as well as resources and partners available from the ENABLE-2 platform. The hit owner is expected, based on their own funding, to co-lead their programme and to continue working on tasks within their area of expertise.

Apply to join

EoI Application template


Anders Karlén, Coordinator, Professor
Uppsala University (SE), +46 (0)70-167 9177 

Last modified: 2022-12-19