ENABLE-2 has accepted a new program from Thioredoxin Systems AB


We are happy to announce that ENABLE-2 has accepted a new program to assist Thioredoxin Systems AB in the development of their EbsArgent product.


EbsArgent is a unique chemical combination showing exquisite activity against a wide range of multidrug-resistant bacterial pathogens. Antimicrobial resistance is a growing problem and the WHO has declared that antimicrobial resistance is one of the top 10 global public health threats facing humanity. To address this problem, novel solutions will be necessary and we are excited to be exploring completely novel broad-spectrum products like EbsArgent.
The addition of the Thioredoxin Systems program expands the current ENABLE-2 portfolio to five early-stage antibiotic development programs. ENABLE-2 is committed to assisting small-companies and academic groups in advancing their early-stage antibiotic projects towards candidate status and first-time-in-human trials.


Elias ArnérElias Arnér, MD PhD, Board Member, Scientific Advisor
Thioredoxin Systems AB
+46 70 556 96 94, ea@txnsystems.com

Mohamad TakwaMohamad Takwa, PhD, Board Member, CEO
Thioredoxin Systems AB
+46 72-322 22 21, mt@txnsystems.com

Anders Karlén SWEAnders Karlén, Professor
Faculty of Pharmacy

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Last modified: 2022-05-19