ULLA Workshop 2020 (POSTPONED)

The ULLA summer workshop 2020 in June is cancelled. The preliminary plan is to move the event to October - dates are still to be determined - more information will be posted in due time.

ULLA Uppsala Workshop 2020 - POSTPONED

Image of main university building in the summer


Biologics—here defined as drugs comprised of peptides, proteins, nucleotides, and cells—are currently driving the drug development process. But what do you now about this class of drugs and the opportunities and challanges they represent? 

ULLA Workshop 2020 aims at giving you an understanding of biological drugs and their development. You will get an overview of the whole process and hands on experience on specific topics. 

The workshop is aimed at you who are early in your PhD studies, and who are curious about all aspects of biologics.

Stay tuned on this page to follow the formation and information about ULLA Uppsala!

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The workshop is aimed for PhD students that want to broaden their knowledge and skills. You will work in small teams, with specific tasks that each represents individual moments in biologics research. At the end of the workshop, all teams will come together to fill the gaps of the full story.

Groups will work in areas above, together with experts in the fields.

ULLA is also a social network and evenings will be full of social activities. ULLA Uppsala gives you an unique opportunity to network with current and future colleagues all over Europe. 

For you who are interested to attend contact your local ULLA coordinator or Executive Committee member. Each ULLA Partner can send four PhD student to the workshop, and the selection is made locally. The workshop does not require any previous knowledge in the field or of the tasks at hand, so PhD students in the first year(s) are the prime target group.  Local coordinators will prioritize students by March 15 2020.

Overview of schedule for ULLA Uppsala Workshop 2020.

The venue for most activities will be at Uppsala University Biomedical Center, and some at Testa Center. Accommodation is arranged centrally by the Uppsala organizers in the centre of the town.