Equal opportunities at the Department of Medicinal Chemistry

All students and employees at Uppsala University shall have equal opportunities to perform their best, regardless of sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, functional diversity, sexual orientation or age. At the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, we work actively to ensure this.

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Equal Opportunities Officer

The Department of Medicinal Chemistry has an equal opportunities officer with working hours allocated for the assignment, including:

  • Supporting the Head of department and Department board in the implementation of continuous equal opportunities work.
  • To be the contact person for the University’s support functions at the central level in the area of equal opportunities.


Photo of Mikael EngskogMikael Engskog, Equal opportunities officer

Equal Opportunities working group

The task of the working group is to support the equal opportunities officer in the implementation of ongoing equal opportunities work by:

  • Drafting proposals for equal opportunities action plans,
  • Preparing proposals for active measures in equal opportunities work
  • Participating in the documentation and follow-up of equal opportunities work


Lindon Moodie Associate Senior LecturerLindon Moodie
Associate Senior Lecturer

Sandra Bratt Course administratorSandra Bratt
Course administrator

Pierre Cheung PhD studentPierre Cheung
PhD student

Olof ErikssonOlof Eriksson
Senior Lecturer

Oskar Lövström Student representativeOskar Lövström
Student representative, Master of Science Programme in Pharmacy

Course Information

At the introduction of a course the course responsible must inform the students regarding the policy of equal opportunities at our institution. To help out with this task the Equal opportunities working group have created two Powerpoint slides that can be used for this purpose.

This is discrimination (video in Swedish)


The University Board and the Vice-Chancellor have ultimate responsibility for ensuring that continuous initiatives promoting equal opportunities and counteracting discrimination are implemented at Uppsala University. The chair of each disciplinary domain/faculty board, the heads of departments and every manager and team leader at the University have operative responsibility. The work must take place in collaboration between employers and employees and between the university and the students.

Fairness and quality

Students at Uppsala University

Uppsala University is a place of work and study for over 50,000 people. Here, everyone should be able to perform on equal terms. All students and employees must be met with an environment characterised by respect and understanding, regardless of sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, functional diversity, sexual orientation or age.

For us, this is obvious. It is a matter of both fairness and quality. Here you can read more about Uppsala University's work with the conditions for everyone to be able to work and study with us on equal terms.

Last modified: 2023-02-09