Analytical Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Our research is predominantly in bioanalysis - the investigation of drugs and metabolites in biological systems - with special emphasis on separation methods (UHPLC, SFC, CE) coupled to mass spectrometry (Q-ToF MS and QqQ MS).

Research focus

Chemical analysis is a central part of many other disciplines within life science. For example, analytical chemical data of high quality is often a prerequisite for calculation of pharmacokinetic parameters, for clinical diagnoses, toxicological evaluations and for forensic conclusions. In pharmaceutical development, chemical analysis is demanded for confirmation of structure, purity and stability.

Within the academic subject analytical pharmaceutical chemistry, fundamental studies of principles of chemical analysis are carried out with the purpose of obtaining increased understanding of relevant physical-chemical mechanisms. The acquired knowledge is used for a rational development of more sensitive and selective analytical methods for complex samples. The methods are subsequently applied in crossdisciplinary collaborative projects where chemical analysis is a central part.

There are three main research directions in our research group, all with a multidisciplinary character:

  • Metabolomics
  • Drug metabolism and doping control
  • Drugs in the environment
Illustration: collection of samples for analysis

Group photo

Group photo, May 2019.

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