Third cycle education

Postgraduate education at the Department of Medicinal Chemistry comprises four years of full-time studies earning you a degree in pharmacy. You can also receive a pharmacy licentiate degree after two years of studies. It provides you the knowledge and skills to conduct independent research, a deep understanding of the subject area, and the ability to teach others.

Coworker at the Department of Medicinal Chemistry

PhD programmes at Uppsala University are comprised of courses and a dissertation in which students carry out an individual research project in order to generate new knowledge in a scientific area. To be admitted to postgraduate education, you must meet the prerequisites for each subject have the ability to cope with the programme

The Uppsala University Staff Portal offers detailed information for PhD students and supervisors:





Pernille Husberg, Faculty AdministratorPernille Husberg, Faculty Administrator
Office for Medicine and Pharmacy, +46 (0)70-167 9121 

Pharmaceutical PhD Student Council

Pharmaceutical Doctoral Student Council

The Pharmaceutical PhD Student Council (FDR) is the Pharmaceutical Student Union's doctoral student council, representing the PhD students at the Faculty of Pharmacy in various committees and boards. Our primary focus is to ensure that all doctoral students can complete their studies in a good working environment and under good employment conditions.

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The Research education committee (FRUPP)

FRUPP prepares and handles matters concerning postgraduate education at the Department of Medicinal Chemistry. The group's primary focus areas are the admission process and issues surrounding adopting and follow-up of the individual study plan.


Luke Odell, chair FRUPP and Senior lecturerLuke Odell, chair
Senior lecturer, +46 (0)18-471 4297

Last modified: 2023-04-13