Bobo Skillinghaug winner of Limbiska Priset 2022


The Faculty of Pharmacy congratulates Bobo Skillinghaug, Lecturer at the Department of Medicinal Chemistry and winner of the Biomedicine Programme Pedagogical Award, the Limbiska Priset 2022. "I feel very happy and honored, not least since it is awarded by the students," says the winner.

Bobo Skillinghaug in action

The students at Uppsala University's Biomedicine Program have made their choice: Bobo Skillinghaug, Lecturer at the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, is the winner of this year's pedagogical award: The Limbiska Priset 2022. In its motivation, the jury states that Bobo Skillinghaug:

… with bravura helped us biomedicine students to dig up the old chemistry knowledge from year one and gave it an interesting and practical application, appreciated by many. He used Zoom teaching as a tool rather than a limitation, making Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry a course to remember.

Bobo Skillinghaug, The Faculty of Pharmacy
Bobo Skillinghaug, The Faculty of Pharmacy

“I feel very happy and honored about this prize, especially since it is awarded by the students themselves. At the same time, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the students at the Biomedicine programme, whose commitment made it possible to conduct high-quality teaching despite an ongoing pandemic,” states Bobo Skillinghaug.

As winner of the Limbiska Priset 2022, Bobo Skillinghaug takes a place in the extremely exclusive crowd that has received the award twice, since also being awarded the prize in 2021. Something that the students at the Biomedicine programme state says something about Bobo Skillinghaug's "fantastic pedagogical skills and teaching".


  • Is awarded the teacher who the newly graduated biomedicine class feels has affected their candidate in the best way.
  • Is awarded to a teacher who has made an extra big impact and been a source of inspiration for the class.



Bobo Skillinghaug, LecturerBobo Skillinghaug, Lecturer
Department of Medicinal Chemistry

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