Department of Medicinal Chemistry

Organic Pharmaceutical Chemistry

We perform basic research in both experimental and computational medicinal chemistry. Our research focus includes a variety of human target systems of pharmaceutical interest, including enzymes and membrane-bound receptors. A major research direction concerns the advancement of general research methodologies for the transfer of biologically active peptides into metabolically stable peptidomimetics. In this area, drug discovery applications are identified in the renin-angiotensin system and among relevant neuropeptides. Another major research direction concerns the development of new antibiotics against infectious diseases. New strategies are developed for both design and synthesis of small drug-like molecules.

The division is host for a number of research initiatives, including the SciLifeLab DDD Medicinal Chemistry – Lead Identification Facility, the IMI antibiotic development project ENABLE and the Medicinal Chemistry Node of The Beijer Laboratory for Drug Discovery.

The division offers several courses for pharmacy-, biomedicine- and chemical engineering students. Courses are offered in pharmaceutical chemistry, organic pharmaceutical chemistry, medicinal chemistry, drug discovery and in computational medicinal chemistry.