Department of Medicinal Chemistry

Biomarker Discovery - Globisch Lab

Chemical Biology, Organic Chemistry and Mass Spectrometry

The Globisch lab is an international and young research group and focuses on the development of Chemical Biology-based methodologies to improve the analysis of small molecule metabolites in biological samples. These new methodologies are aimed to enhance the scope of metabolomics-based research and simplify biomarker discovery. The group was established in September 2015 after Daniel Globisch was recruited to the Department of Medicinal Chemistry as a SciLifeLab Fellow.

The discovery of specific early-stage biomarkers, new drug targets and the development of new therapeutic interventions are crucial for disease prevention and management towards personalized medicine. Analysis of metabolites in human specimen comprises a high potential for identification of unknown biomarkers, which can be utilized for the development of new diagnostics. Our interdisciplinary projects will use techniques at the interface of chemistry and biology for an advanced quantitative and qualitative metabolome analysis to discover disease-specific metabolites.

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