Biomarker Discovery - Globisch Lab

Chemical Biology, Organic Chemistry and Mass Spectrometry

The Globisch lab is an international research group with focus on the development of new Chemical Biology-based methodologies to improve the analysis of small molecule metabolites in biological samples. These new methodologies are aimed at enhancing the scope of metabolomics-based research. In our multidisciplinary research we work at the interface of Chemistry and Biology with a combination of Organic Chemistry, Chemical Biology techniques, Biochemistry, mass spectrometric analysis of metabolites, and metabolomics. The discovery of specific early-stage biomarkers, new drug targets and the development of new therapeutic interventions are crucial for disease prevention and management towards personalized medicine.

Biomarker Discovery is a challenging and multidisciplinary task. We develop new tools for mass spectrometric analysis and are focussed on elucidating microbiota metabolism. We investigate any human sample type, e.g. fecal, urine, and plasma samples from pancreatic cancer patients.

1) Synthesis and application of unique and multifunctional chemoselective probes

2) Investigation of microbiota and human host co-metabolism

3) Global Metabolomics analysis

4) Chemical synthesis of metabolites for quantification and structure elucidation


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